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About Passion Network

How the Passion Network started

Barry Smith is an elder at Christian Life Camps Bay, Cape Town. he is one of the preaching elders and one day after preaching a sermon on "Our Big God" the Holy Spirit spoke to him at the end of the sermon and prompted him to call people forward to be committed to making a change.

In a church where there are very few calls of people to come forward for ministry etc., the response was overwhelming and at least a quarter of the church responded. The Spirit said that people need to put their names down to commit to encouraging one another daily.

1 Million People

Then a few days later, Barry was speaking at an Alpha course at the same church and as he was sharing at the people around the table, God spoke clearly to him and said "if you really believe in a BIG God, then I want you to believe for a million people in the passion network".

In obedience to God, Barry set up a Facebook page and a twitter account and is now leaving the rest to God. (see our home page for details on how to follow on Facebook and twitter).


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