Is it OK for Christians to hate some people?

If God is love, then how can we His children hate others?

Now don’t get me wrong, hatred is a normal human emotion. Hatred is a very strong feeling of dislike for somebody/something, according to the Oxford dictionary. That may be the definition but I am more interested in how we get to the place where we hate. God hates sin. We read in proverbs about the things that God hates. We just recently put up a picture of that on the Passion Network Facebook page. But when it comes to people, this is where hatred is unacceptable. It may be normal but not acceptable.


The problem with normal is that it goes according to human nature and human nature is flawed. We may have been created in God’s image, but we lost the plot when man sinned. The bible says that through one man’s sin (Adam) we are all guilty. Even more so through one man’s sacrifice (Jesus) we are all redeemed. So we live according to our sinful natures and even for mature Christians we battle sin every day. Even the greatest apostle of all times, Paul wrote in Romans 7 that the things he wants to do he finds himself not doing, and the things he does not want to do he finds himself doing. If that is so for Paul, trust me it is so for all Christians.

Hatred comes about when we allow feelings of disdain and dislike to grow. You may dislike someone on first meeting because you find them arrogant or weak, or speak falsely or for many other reasons. However, one does not immediately hate someone. Hate has to feed off energy and so what starts as a disagreement or not seeing “eye to eye” or being offended by what someone does or says, grows into something much larger if it is not dealt with. When we are irritated or upset with someone initially, there are a few ways things can go.

Firstly we can just let it go, by choosing to put it behind us and to forgive and to move forward. The second way we can deal with it is to dwell on the matter and think about it over and over again and as we do so, it becomes more and more of an issue. This has the potential to become something big, which requires intervention to deal with or it can become really difficult to let go of. Thirdly, we can choose to become really offended and feed off the anger that comes with the offense.  If we feed the anger, we eventually run the risk of it becoming hatred in our hearts. Hatred grows out of offense that we just never deal with. When we think about offense, Satan traps us. He causes us to become angry and fearful and we lose our love and joy.

You may say what must I do because I do hate some people? It is understandable when some people who have been abused and assaulted or mentally humiliated feel resentment and anger. Anger is not a sin according to the Bible. Even Jesus got angry. But if left to run amok, anger becomes sinful. If you hate someone, be honest with yourself and God. Bring this to God and ask Him to help you deal with the feelings. I am not expecting you to pray that your hatred turns to love, but it can turn to forgiveness. Forgiveness is the first step in turning hatred around. And if you have been following our blog the past few days you will see how important it is to forgive.

Once you forgive, you have the chance to start confessing that you have decided to let go of the hurt and you start to confess that god has given you the victory. Do not go by feelings, because feelings are not trustworthy. Go by what the Bible says. We need to declare the Word and God will bring it to pass.  God can change hate into love or acceptance. It requires a supernatural experience to turn hate around, but God is as supernatural as they get. Trust Him!

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