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God is not a prude and He made us for pleasure. Sex is a beautiful thing when it is expressed and experienced between two, but sex outside of the marriage relationship can easily become distorted and problematic. God looked at Adam and said he needs a companion. God made us to experience sex o the fullest degree and to experience the highest emotions and pleasure with our partner. The problem is that whilst everything God made was good, it became contaminated when man sinned.

far from sin

Sex is not contaminated but it is often practised in forms that are no longer bringing glory to God. Many young Christians say “what is wrong with testing you are compatible before you are married?” There is a lot wrong and I am not being conservative or a killjoy or a fanatic. Our society is too permissive and permissiveness has led to a host of sexual problems such as teenage pregnancy, a flood of sexual perversion and pornography. How did that happen? It all starts when something beautiful is taken into a different context.

Young lady or young man reading this, if you are a Christian and you are already sexually active and you are not married, you are not pleasing God. The Bible calls that sin. When we know what pleases God and we don’t do it that is sin. There is some good news and that is God is a forgiving God and when you confess your sins, He will forgive you. But just like the woman caught in adultery, once Jesus exposed her faults, he said to her “go and sin no more”.

Why is sex wrong in unmarried Christian couples? Well first of sex creates a soul tie. It is supposed to be a tie between a husband and a wife. Sex often leads to pregnancy, and if you are engaging in sexual activity outside marriage and it would be a disaster if you or your partner fell pregnant, that alone should tell you that it is not what God wants.

God wants us to experience every pleasure we were created for to the full. He never intended us to have multiple casual sexual partners prior to marriage. How sad it must be to walk down the aisle and what should be the culmination of the happiest day of your life, ends up in just another sexual encounter.

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  1. Reply Maria Apr 12,2014 6:15 pm

    Wow this is so true and so powerful my ex and I always felt the guilt and tried to stop this act because we both believers in Christ..we have sinned sexually against God but since the relationship ended I haven’t been the same and felt shame but confessing and asking God for forgiiveness opened my eyes and now I have learned how to be led by the Spririt in stead of walking in the flesh. Now I’m glad to say I’m able to resist this temptation and I’m growing Spiritually..I’ve always wondered why the bible emphasised so much on sin inside our bodies(pre-marital sex) I realised I made the God in me uncomfortable,I’ve been praying for our relationship to be reconciled and I’m seeing change.

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