Do you have a healthy “Fear of God?”

The Bible speaks about the Fear of God. Some people cannot understand what that means. If we are unfamiliar with Bible language, especially Old Testament concepts, we may not understand what this all means.


Let me ask you a question. If you hear that someone is God-fearing, does it make you trust that person more, or trust them less? I am sure that you would be like me and say you would trust them more. If they fear God, they are more likely to keep their word and treat others with kindness. Actually the fear of God is a very positive thing in the Bible. Fear in this context means to reverence God rather than to be afraid of Him. God cannot be frightening, because Jesus came to reveal the name of God to us, and the name He brought was “Abba” which is the word for daddy. Now if you say daddy, there is no fear associated. Jesus would not tell us that we should call God daddy, if we are supposed to be afraid of Him. No, when we read about the fear of God, it means there is a sincere respect and deep reverence for God’s awesomeness and holiness. It is a little like how you would be if you were to meet the president. Most people would be very polite and respectful.

God is way bigger and more powerful and more important than any president, and He deserves all the respect and “fear” we can muster. The Bible says in one place that the “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. 1 John 4:18 says that perfect love casts out all fear. God is love and so the presence of God casts out fear in the sense of being afraid. God says we need to come to Him like little children, trusting Him and respecting Him as almighty God and daddy at the same time. I love both aspects of that because Almighty God is the One in my corner, defending me and on my team. He will beat off my enemies and protect me and keep me until I see Him one day. But then again He is also daddy, who is a loving father who always has my interests close to His heart.

I hope that when you next see the Bible speak about the “Fear of God” you will understand it and rejoice.

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