A little thing called Faith

Romans 1 v 17 The righteous shall live by faith

c37b7e420b346fdab30057e5ba88314dGod is pleased by Faith. In fact, Hebrews 11 says that “without faith, it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God”.  So that therefore means if you want to please God, it has to be done by Faith.

Faith and Belief are not the same thing. Let’s try and understand the difference between these two. If you believe something it means that in your mind you mentally agree with a stated principle. So if you believe for example that eating 1 milligram of cyanide is too small an amount to affect you, then you would explain to other people that this amount will have zero net effect if it were eaten. It means that mentally you assert something to be true.  Faith on the other hand is a little different. Having faith in something usually means you are prepared to follow through. So after telling your colleagues that 1 milligram of cyanide is too little to hurt you, you go ahead and prove it by swallowing that amount of cyanide to prove it. Belief would probably not cause you to actually do it, whereas faith would be of such confidence that actions to back it up would be natural.

Perhaps it can be explained this way in spiritual terms. Suppose you are busy praying for the sick in church and someone wheels up a paraplegic to the front to be prayed for. You believe fully that God can heal. Then while you are praying, you sense that God might just heal this person miraculously. You wonder whether to take them by the hand and tell them to get out of their wheelchair and walk. Now if you believe God can do miracles chances are high you will pray for the person to be healed.  Then you will move on to pray for the next person.

If however you really have faith that God has spoken to you and He has appointed this time to show His wonders, then you would take the massive step of taking that person by the hand and asking them to get up and walk. The Bible says that

Faith without works is dead!

Actions always follows faith. let’s just say it is much easier to believe than to have faith. perhaps they should mean the same thing. Perhaps when we say we believe, we really don’t.

Just remember what Romans says: The righteous shall LIVE by faith.

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