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I have some great news. My first book is currently in the process of being published. I am starting today with a number of extracts from the book which will hopefully whet everyone’s appetite to get their hands on the book when it becomes available which should be within the next two weeks.


Today’s extract is from the forward which explains the reason for writing the book.

This book was written in response to a discussion I had in the car with my teenage daughter and her friend. We were traveling home from church one Sunday morning and the girls started asking questions about what the preacher had said. The nature of the questions took me by surprise since I expected them to know the basics of our faith. Clearly they didn’t. I asked myself over and over how it could be that my own children, who grew up in my home, did not know what I expected them to know.

This book seeks to put answers in the hands of everyone who needs to understand what Christianity really teaches, according to the Bible. It is written as a practical guide with step by step suggestions of what to do, how to do it and when to do it. My prayer is that people will discover why Christianity is the world’s greatest and biggest religion – because it is true! My prayer is that people, both young and old will use this book to discover truths about the Bible, which will lead them back to a place of loving the Bible, but most of all my prayer is that people will discover Jesus. If anyone reads this book without knowing Him personally, they will have every opportunity to get to know Him through these pages.

These are the chapters in the book, which cover the principles of the Christian Faith.

Table of Contents

  • Why do we need to be saved?
  • Is Jesus the only way?
  • What is faith?
  • How to read Bible
  • How to pray
  • Learning to have a Quiet Time
  • Do I need to attend church?
  • God and my money
  • Those tricky Christian terms
  • Justification
  • Baptism
  • Sanctification
  • Fasting
  • Praise
  • Worship
  • The Trinity
  • Is the Entire Bible true?
  • Witnessing
  • Life after death
  • What does Reborn mean?
  • Who is the devil?
  • Which denomination is right?
  • The Sinners Prayer


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  1. Reply thomas Apr 25,2014 1:57 am

    i love this idea seems original; i hope people are blessed by this because i remember when i was new

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