Learning to have a Quiet Time

Extract from chapter 6 of my book “Christianity in Simple English”


If you do not eat, you starve. It is not complicated! I sometimes watch the reality series called “Survivor” and especially in the earlier series, I could see the people literally waste away as they tried to survive on very little food. People in sub-economic environments who live on border-line starvation diets are skin and bones. We have all seen those horrifying pictures of children in Ethiopia. Food sustains life.

The food for a Christian is the Word of God, in other words, the Bible. Jesus said I am the Bread of Life. Jesus is also called the Word. So Jesus is the Word and He is the Bread and it does not take a lot of detective work to realise that Jesus is saying that the Bread is the food that sustains life.

My wife and I run the Alpha Marriage course in our church and one of the most compelling parts of the course is the section on love languages. Gary Chapman wrote a book called the Five Love Languages and it deals with the ways people express and receive love. My wife’s most important love language is time. She just wants time with me. She does not need gifts, nor does she need me to do things for her, nor to give her touch, but she loves spending time together with me. I want to let you into a little secret; God loves time with us too. The reason I know this is not only due to common sense, but because of personal experience.

When you love someone you will want to spend time with them. There is no way that you can love someone and then have no interest in spending time with them. So it is important to develop that relationship with God. The problem of course is that God is not visible in the flesh. It does not mean God is not real; it is just that He is Spirit and it is easier to ignore Him than to ignore your wife who is waiting for you when you get home. David wrote many of the Psalms and he discovered a secret which he shared in one of the Psalms and that was to find time alone with God early in the morning.

Jesus who is always our example regularly went off by Himself into the hills to be alone. He recognised that even though He was God, He needed to spend time with His Father in prayer and meditation. ….

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