Tricky terminology from the Bible


When you go to church and listen to the preacher, you are likely to hear him or her use terminology that few people really understand. One of those terms is justification.

Justification is where God accepts us as sinners and then forgives us and declares us to be “just” (in good standing) with God, on the basis of Christ’s righteousness. One of the ways I like to understand justification is thinking of it as “just as if I had never sinned.” That is what it really means. Imagine if you had never ever sinned at all! You could then stroll into heaven, because heaven is for everyone who has never sinned.  But wait a minute; we have been justified by Jesus. It really boils down to us being able to act like we have never sinned. When I say we can act as if we had never sinned, I am not saying it is okay to be arrogant! We understand that although we do sin every day, it is as if we had never sinned, because we have been justified by God.

Everyone who has received Jesus as Saviour is justified. This is our spiritual position in Christ. It means we are acceptable to God. So although we sin daily, God looks at us, as if we had never sinned. What a mystery and what a blessing it is that God looks at us that way. The problem is many of us just don’t grasp this. It does not sink in so many of us walk around thinking we are worms; full of sin and disappointing God all the time. We may feel that way, but we are not supposed to go by our feelings. In fact our feelings are very flawed and unreliable. What we feel and who we are can be very different. One of the most difficult things for Christians’ is to see themselves the way God sees them. We constantly remind ourselves of our sin….

Extracted from chapter 9

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