Do you make a difference at all?

Ruth chapter 1 Naomi and Ruth Return

9f880cfb287a26bd3a95f3e33d8f614619 So the two of them went on until they came to Bethlehem. And when they came to Bethlehem, the whole town was stirred because of them.

Wherever Jesus went, He caused a stir. For all the right reasons – He raised the dead, He healed the sick, He set the captives free and He gave people back their dignity. One of the complaints many people in the word have about Christians is that we make no difference. Except maybe that we are hypocrites and that we are the worst people to do business with because we always let people down. It’s kind of sad, but it is kind of true.

Naomi and Ruth caused a massive stir in the town. It struck me that we are supposed to be exactly like that. After all aren’t we supposed to be like Jesus? Isn’t that the point? I think that when God takes over your life and pours Himself into you, then you should so reflect Jesus, that people everywhere are moved and shaken. Your life should make an impact. Everyone should know about you.

Many people say “all you need to do is be an example; you don’t need to say anything”. Well even if that were true (and most of the time it isn’t), you should then be making an impact for the good all the time. People should say here comes that mini Jesus. Many people call us Jesus freaks and that is OK. In fact better to be a Jesus freak than a camouflage Christian.


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