Is it necessary to attend church regularly?

Some people just want to go to church occasionally, kind of when the spirit leads. They argue that they can worship God just as well from home or on TV, and that going to church is totally not necessary. How wrong can you be


Going to church is not about having to clock in with God. Going to church will not earn you credits with God. Going to church will not improve your chances of God answering your prayers. Going to church will not make God love you more than He already does. So why go to church then, if church is full of judgmental people who will judge you and gossip about you?

I find it so sad that people feel this way about church. In fact it is very sad because the truth is many churches are just like that – full of people who do not show Christian love, but rather gossip and hurt one another. But this is missing the point of going to church. The reason Paul / Luke exhorts us to go to church regularly is that we can:

  • fellowship with God
  • worship God
  • build up your faith
  • get prayer
  • have fellowship
  • show love to others

Going to church is all about God. The church is not about the building or the people but God inhabits the praises of His people. Where there are two or more gathered in His name, God is in the midst of them we are told. So God meets our needs when we enter His presence and when there is a combining of faith, the level of faith often rises. God often performs miracles in church which would not often have occurred outside of the church.

The Bible says in Psalms that better is one day in His courts than thousands elsewhere. That’s how I feel about church. It is a place that is very special because that is the place where Jesus is lifted up. It is the place where we get together as like minded people who love Jesus, to sing psalms and spiritual songs and to praise and worship God.

I also get to spend time with people that I love. The church is my family. It is my spiritual home and there is something wonderful about being in His house when the Spirit starts to move.

If you do not go to church and are one of those who thinks they can worship God just fine from home, you are misguided. You can do so anywhere but staying away from church is like removing a hot coal from the fire and then expecting the coal to retain its heat for a long time. It just doesn’t happen. Go to church and listen to the word being preached. I know you can tun on the tv and listen to a sermon or even download or stream a sermon, or even stay home and have a church service at home. But let’s be honest here – that usually does not happen, even with the best intentions.

Let me end by saying that if you skip church and stay away, you are doing exactly what Satan wants you to do. The last thing he wants is for you to get involved in a church that is seeing things happening. Go to church and get involved. That is the way our faith is supposed to work.

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