What to do to get Revival

If there was one thing pastors would want to know it would be how to get revival started. We have seen revival happening in our church in the past four or five weeks and I look back and try to analyse how it happened. One thing I realise now however is that Revival comes when one least expects it. Now I am not saying that Revival is most likely in times of severe spiritual drought, because that is not likely. But Revival comes at a time when one is just doing what you need to be doing, in faithful obedience to the word God has given. And then it comes in ways you never expected.


Our recent experience was that we had been planning prayer meetings carefully, and urging people to get involved, but found that none of that was really working. Could it be that we had our own ideas of what would drive Revival? Maybe we knew that Revival would not come without prayer and so we made all these efforts to get people praying. What if Revival had come at the time we had expected it, after people had all started praying? We would have looked at ourselves and said “Wow, aren’t we clever to have thought of that?” Instead people did not respond to our call to prayer. Then when faced with some half-crazy idea about praying in a virtual prayer room at 5h30am every day for forty days comes along, and no-one was expecting any results, BOOOM, God appears and we have an outpouring of His Spirit.

This I now know about Revival: it comes when you least expect it, and it comes only when God does something that could never have been attributed to our own planning and intellect. God is good, and in the time of Revival we have seen many amazing miracles. Has every prayer been answered? No! some people we have prayed for have not got better, but others have! Yet we have seen people come out of dry barren places, to be set alight by the Power of the Holy Spirit. We are seeing the gifts of the Spirit every week and God has been getting all the glory!

God is good. Stay obedient and stay in prayer. Stay open to anything that could be new for God and wait and see what happens. Shalom.

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