Do we really want the Holy Spirit?

The problem with supernatural is that it is very unfamiliar ground for most of us. We are super-comfortable with things that are normal (see yesterday’s post for a discussion on normal).

Because we live in the flesh, we become very used to and comfortable living in the flesh. In reality, the way God sees us, we are more alive in the spirit than we are in the body. We SHOULD find the things of the spirit normal. Why is it that we don’t?

I asked the following question to my congregation this past week: How many of you here today would like to operate in the gifts of the spirit? As you can imagine, almost every person in the congregation lifted their hands. People want the gifts. But when I asked who actually operates in the Spirit, hardly anyone raises their hand. Why is that?

God spoke to me very clearly and said this:

“the degree, to which you experience the spirit, is equal to the degree that you want the spirit. The degree, to which you experience the gifts of the spirit, is equal to the degree that you want the gifts of the spirit.”

Could it be that we don’t have the gifts is because we don’t really want them?

As a church we have to decide whether or not we want the gifts to flow, and as individuals we have to ask our self if I want the gifts to operate in my life.

When the Spirit moves, it is always in the realm of the supernatural, and it is always with power. Let me explain the difference between natural and supernatural

The Natural

Hand a pamphlet at the door to give them information

The Supernatural

God gives you knowledge about something you could never know

Give someone an aspirin when they have a headache Heal someone’s headache by laying on hands
Send flowers at a funeral Raise someone from the dead

My verse for this message is from 1 Corinthians 14 v 1

Follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy


We must eagerly desire the gifts of the spirit

This is an instruction. Paul does not say “if you feel like it, or if you have nothing better to do.” He says eagerly desire.

Did you know that there is ONLY one day of the year where it is proper for a woman to propose to a man, rather than wait for him to propose to her? It is leap year day, 29 Feb

When a woman just cannot wait for a proposal, and she is really keen and anxious, she can seize the moment. That’s eager. Nothing will hold you back. You will go out of your way to do something. That is eager.

We were engaged on 29th Feb, just saying.

If we eagerly desire the gifts, God will give them to us.

The degree to which you desire [strong word] the gifts of the spirit, is the degree to which you will experience the gifts of the spirit

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