How to be more tuned into the Spirit

So I asked God to teach me how to operate in the gifts


I understand that I must eagerly desire the gifts, but tell me what to do!

The first thing God showed me was how tuned out we are to the spiritual or the supernatural.

I have a dog which we got for a specific reason. When we moved into the house where we now stay, we discovered that because the house is built on an estate that surrounds a lake and the estate protects the natural vegetation, a lot of wild creatures live in the bushes outside in our garden. This includes field mice. The first weeks we were in the house, these field mice would run up and down and would scurry underneath cupboards etc. We needed to control them. Someone told us that Jack Russel’s were amazing rat catchers.

So we got a long legged Jack Russel. She is the sweetest thing in the world. But she also so tuned into the smell of a rat. She can smell a rat from miles away. We can walk past a fridge and know nothing. She will walk into the kitchen and immediately know something is hiding under the fridge. Our senses are just not tuned in. But hers are!

In the same way God showed me how tuned out we are to the things of the Spirit. We are so unaware often of God moving in our lives and in our circumstances. Whether you are aware of it or not, you have been made as a spiritual being and if you want to experience life as God intends for you to experience it, you need to tap into the supernatural.

As a church we need to choose whether or not we want to experience church life with God as he intends us to.

One of the things that holds us back is that church gets messy when the spirit comes in power. Things happen that make us uncomfortable. People get excited, and we don’t like it. We only like it when people are calm and peaceful and very quiet.

So I asked God to show me why so few of us manage to live in or even experience the supernatural which is a huge part of who we are.

The first thing God showed me was…. We are so scared to fall that we don’t risk anything.

John Wimber said that Faith is spelled R I S K.

This is true. We are so afraid to risk anything that we do nothing. When it comes to walking in the things of the Spirit we must be prepared to take risks and to trust God to lead us step by step.

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