Lord, should I eat tuna or peanut butter for lunch?


Sometimes we think that if we really desire something, it must not be of God. It’s as if we serve a barbaric God who wants to wipe out anything that springs from our own hearts. On the contrary, God is enamoured of your desires. He wants to see what makes you tick. Yes, He made you and knows everything about you, but He can only commune with you as you open yourself up in relationship with Him. That’s where pleasure is derived, when dreams and desires spark dialogue and interaction, and the co-labouring begins. For many years I misunderstood the biblical concept of desire. Psalm 37:4 tells each of us:

Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

Like many pastors, I foolishly taught that if you delighted yourself in the Lord, He would change your desires by telling you what to desire. But that’s not at all what this means. That verse literally means that God wants to be impacted by what you think and dream.  God is after your desires. He’s after intimacy with you. He has opened Himself to the desires of His people. He likes going back and forth with you, throwing out His idea and waiting for your response. Jesus even said, “Whoever you forgive, I forgive.” Co-labouring is a huge aspect of ministry that many of us simply do not understand, because true friendship with God is so foreign to us.

Most of the misunderstanding comes because we don’t know which of our desires come from God, and which are carnal. The very word desire2 is made up of the pre

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