Letting God into your daydreams


Dreaming with God unlocks deep reservoirs of creativity in each and every person, in different areas of gifting and talent. But in too many sectors of the Church, creativity is on lockdown because people fear their desires and dreams. Religion, cruel and boring, bottles up the creative impulse God has put inside of every person. Each of us has a right and responsibility to express ourselves creatively in whatever area of life interests us. Yet so many of us have the horrible habit of doing things the way they have always been done, for reasons of fear and safety. We’re descendants of the Creator and yet we stick with old, tired methods. We ask God to do a new thing through us, but expect Him to do it in a familiar way.

Many Christians pray, and when their mind wanders they think it’s the devil distracting them. That may sometimes be the case, but maybe our “devil” is too active our God too inactive. When your mind wanders, maybe God is leading you to creative solutions to problems. You may have been resisting ideas from heaven and keeping to a rigid, religious practice of prayer. Some business people get “o

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