Kingdom imaginations


A man was walking down the road a long time ago before there was AC electricity. They had to have a transformer every few feet from the power source all the way to where the power was going. This man let his mind wander over the problem and within ten minutes, God downloaded into his brain the entire concept of AC electricity, which allows electricity to travel for hundreds of miles without so many transformers. That one idea lit up entire cities from coast to coast. His daydreams revolutionized the world.

That’s what the Bible talks about in Philippians 4:19 when it says “according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” A Jewish rabbi was asked about that phrase and he said, “It means God, out of His realm of glory and dominion, will release to His people ideas, concepts, creative things, and witty inventions that will cause tremendous provision to come to them.”

God does not look at the AIDS crisis and think, “There’s one I never thought of. Too bad nobody will ever discover an answer to that problem.” He does not fret about the ecology or famine or any other problem the world faces. But until Christians decide to co-labour with God in unheard-of creativity and o

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