Wine can lead you astray

Jesus drank wine! There, it had to be said. BUT, the Bible also tells us not to be drunk. It was a custom in the days of Jesus that wine was served with the afternoon and or evening meals. In fact the very first miracle Jesus did was to turn water in wine. Wine is not evil.

Esther 1 v 10  On the seventh day, when the heart of the king was merry with wine


The problem with all alcohol, is that it can easily be abused. The statistics for the number of crimes and road deaths that are caused by excess of alcohol is astounding. The Bible advocates taking a little wine, but NEVER being drunk. In fact the Bible even goes further and explains why (see above picture). Wine leads to debauchery. You say that is nonsense. Well… it may not do so every time, but it can. Anyone who has been drunk or watched people who are drunk will know that when the alcohol takes over, your ability to make rational decisions is impaired.

So in Esther, there is a reference to the fact that the king was merry with wine. In other words, he was tipsy. He was in that space where he had started to get very happy and was no longer thinking straight. When he called for his wife, the queen, she would have heard that he was in this state and probably did not want to be humiliated by her husband whose behaviour might be impaired. No woman wants to be made fun of. So she refused to come and appear before him and for that she was removed and her place was to be given to another.

My advice to everyone is to be very circumspect when drinking any alcohol. I believe that anyone who has the slightest tendancy to get tipsy and “happy” when drinking alcohol, should rather stop drinking altogether. If you are someone who regularly gets drunk, it is imperative you stop drinking because when drunk you will dishonour the Lord.  Jesus cam to bring us abundant life, and God wants us to enjoy life fully. But if you are looking for a high through alcohol, the Bible says a far greater “high” is when you are filled with the Spirit.

If you don’t know how to do that, feel free to write to me.

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