Will People who’ve not heard about Jesus go to hell?

Will God send people to hell? I mean, can a God who is Love, really do that? If so, why?

Part of the reason for asking the question in today’s topic is the understanding of the question, whether or not God is being fair in sending some people to hell. The Bible is very clear that some people will go to heaven, and some will go to hell. Now if the choice was up to God, everyone would go to heaven. Read the verse below which shows this:

2 Peter 3 v 9 The Lord does not delay His promise, as some understand delay, but is patient with you, not wanting any to perish but all to come to repentance.

So if God doesn’t want people to go to hell, why send them there? it comes down to choice. God created only mankind in His own image. We are the image of God, although spoiled by sin. We are three parts, body soul and spirit. God made us this way, but He also made us with absolute free choice. he wanted us to choose Him, above any temptation of the devil. We failed. The result was we lost our holiness, because if there is any sin in someone, they are no longer holy. Sin and unholy people cannot enter heaven. So by choosing sin over God, we changed our own destiny from heaven to hell.

89354d55bef5e138239b530054a0fe62Fortunately that is not the end of the story. In spite of us making the wrong choice, God made a way for us to escape hell, by sending His only Son Jesus, to pay the price for sin. When we accept Jesus sacrifice for our sins, and we follow Him, we then pass from hell back to heaven.

But what about those people who have not heard about Jesus?

The Bible tell us two things (actually many more than tw0) which I would like to point out:

Psalm 7 v 11 God is a righteous judge, and a God who feels indignation every day.

God is a righteous judge. he hates sin, but He is fair. God is Love but He is also Holy. A loving God who wants everyone to be saved, but who also cannot accept sin.

Elsewhere in the Psalms it is written:

Psalm 19 v 1 The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims the work of His hands.

The very creation of God declares His glory. People deep down know that there is a God, even when they tell people they don’t.  many atheists when they are on their deathbed, call out to God. So the Bible is saying that even those people who have never heard about Jesus, have a chance to see and believe in God through nature and through creation. In spite of all of this, God is a righteous judge. Righteousness means doing what is right!

Here is the main issue I believe:

People who ask this question are asking it in order to find an excuse or a reason to contradict Christianity. If anyone truly seeks God, they will find Him. That I believe.


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