Is the Bible still relevant in 2014?

Why read the Bible? Well I have a number o good reasons why you should read the Bible:

  1. It is the way God chose to speak to us in later generations
  2. It ensures we know first hand what we believe (too many people’s faith is based on what other people tell them, or what they hear on TV or at church)
  3. It promotes a discipline of quiet time in your life
  4. It reminds us of the promises of God
  5. It opens us up to the revelation that comes from the Holy Spirit

I am sure I could go on and give another five reasons, but you get the point. So apart from the reasons to read the Bible, it would of course all be a wasted exercise and waste of time if the Bible had nothing to offer. After all the ten commandments and the dietary laws of the Jewish people are hardly relevant today surely?

I can speak from personal experience when I say that the Bible remains totally relevant for this day and age. The reason is really simple. The Holy Spirit takes what is in the Bile, which is the Word of God and enlightens us. He speaks to us and makes the scripture come alive. That is why people who don’t know God see the Bible as just another book, because without the Holy Spirit, that’s all it is.

But when the Holy Spirit starts to reveal God’s meaning for today for my life, the very words themselves come alive and they teach me every day what god wants me to know about my life, what is happening to me at that very time in my life. You can read a Bible passage today and it will mean one thing through god’s revelation. The a year from now you will be in a different season or stage in your life, or face different difficulties, and then read the same passage and it will mean something totally different.

That’s why the Bible is beautiful.


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