This really upset me

Today I witnessed a killing.

It all happened so fast I could not stop it. I am still shaken, but it has given me some deep insight into the heart of God. A bird flew into our house, and we have a long legged Jack Russell, whom we love and adore. But she is also a hunter and extremely fast whenever there is anything that resembles prey. Before I could react and stop her, she raced after the bird which flew into the glass door, stunning itself temporarily in the process. By the time I go to the scene, our little dog had already pounced on the bird and had delivered some bites to wound it. I stood there horrified and unable to think clearly. If I removed the bird it would die a slow, painful death. If I left it, the dog would kill it. Not a pleasant choice to make.

Then it struck me …. (read on below picture)



If I could be so upset and traumatised by a bird’s death, imagine how God must feel about his own children when we suffer? it was the most awful, gut-wrenching thing to see, this small, helpless bird having it’s life ended prematurely. And yet people say God doesn’t care when bad things happen to people. I did not know that bird but I felt terrible. God knows us intimately and loves us deeply. So now I think I get a small idea of how it must feel for God when we are hurting.

What I do know is that in death we go to be with the LORD. Death is not the end, it is the beginning.

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