What drives you?

drivWhat is it that drives you; that makes you tick? I am not talking about things you like or don’t like. I am talking about the things that compel you to act.  You can lead a team, or you can drive a team. One is where there is more of a sense of collaboration (agreeing things together and deciding together) – leading; while the other is a sense of being so forceful about something that the team members have no choice but to go along – driving them.

In Mark chapter 1, we read that immediately after Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist, The Holy Spirit sends Jesus out to the wilderness.

Mark 1 v 12 says “The Spirit immediately drove him out into the wilderness.”

The word used by Mark is “drove”him out.  Why would Mark choose such a powerful and descriptive word? Why would Mark not say that the Holy Spirit led Jesus out into the wilderness? Since Mark was not Jesus, all he could do was observe Jesus and listen to what Jesus said. It must have been very clear that Jesus was totally compelled to go. I don’t mean that Jesus had no choice – I mean that Jesus was so determined to do this because he knew it was the most important thing He could do right at that time. Jesus was driven by His desire to do whatever His Father wanted Him to do.

So how about you and me? What drives you? Here are somethings that drive people:

  • Money
  • Power
  • Sex
  • Greed

People who are driven by money, will jump at the chance to make a quick buck, or to make a heap of money, even if it means having to be dishonest, nasty or destructive towards someone else. People who are power hungry do not care who they hurt as they elbow people out the way to ensure they get the power and position they need.  many leaders are like this, but this is not how Jesus said leaders should act. Jesus spoke of being a servant-leader. People driven by sex will have no moral compass when it comes to fidelity and pornography. They will do whatever they can (almost always in secret) to gratify their desires, even if they feel guilty afterwards.

Jesus is our example. What drove Him was obedience to His Father God. This does not come naturally, because Paul tells us that we fight sin every day. We fight our flesh nature every day. Even the apostle Paul said that the things he wanted to do, he found himself not doing, and the things he did not want to do, he did. Not all the time, but often. You and me can identify with that.

But in order to change the things that drive us, we need to treasure them in our hearts first. And to do that, ask the Holy Spirit to help you every day. If you fail and fall, get up and start again. Like the Japanese proverb says:

Fall down seven times, stand up eight!

God bless you as you become more and more the person driven by the things of God.

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