Are drugs really that bad for Christians?

When you are a teenager, trying to fit in and be cool, it does not help to be a goody-goody Christian, especially if you want to be part of the In-Crowd. But being part of that crowd usually means you get pressured into doing some stuff you wouldn’t normally really like to do.

just_say_noSo let’s get real for a minute here. No-one, not even the baddest kid, goes out there and thinks “I really want to become a drug addict”. ┬áSo how does it happen that so many kids get involved in drugs. Drugs is the number two biggest problem for teenagers, so it is happening, way more than parents realise or know. How can you eat an elephant? It’s impossible someone says. Not so, says someone else. All you do is eat it one bite at a time. And that is how drugs happens to people. It starts with one tiny bite of something else, and leads to …..

So this is how we get there. How do we stop? I wonder if there are any Christian teenagers reading this right now, and you would do anything to break free from the drugs that have trapped you and have a hold on you? I am sure there is someone. Perhaps this is why god led me to write this, just for you. The power that drugs have over someone is strong. It is an addiction.

But Jesus breaks every chain, if we ask Him to. Jesus not only breaks chains, but He delivers too. The first thing is that you have to really want to break free and you have to mean it. If you do this is what you can do:

  • Ask someone you trust and have confidence in to help you and to keep you accountable. This may be a friend at youth, a youth pastor, the minister, or even a mom or dad.
  • Then pray (or even better have someone pray over you) for God to deliver you from the addiction that is holding you
  • Then make a decision to stop seeing the friends who put you into situations that will lead you into temptation (even if it’s your best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend)
  • Then trust Jesus every day, and celebrate every victory that is in Christ.

Understand that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you. Remember that failing is not making a mistake. Failing is not falling down and messing up. Failing is staying down when you get knocked down. See yourself through the eyes of God. You are blessed, you are victorious and you are blessed.


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