Can God help me to not hate school?

Ask most teenagers and they will tell you the same thing: “we hate school”. In fact in the list of biggest problems facing teens, school is number 5. It is right up there after pregnancy, drugs and alcohol.


When asked to comment on the internet about how they feel about school, a bunch of teenagers wrote the following (I have taken some of their answers, but these are typical of what most said):

“Because it’s boring, and there’s a lot of issues a.k.a bullying, and loads of drama that stops them from enjoying school. If they’re not predicted good GCSE grades then of course that’s the reason why they simply hate it”.

“What I really dislike about it is – teachers, homework, that I have to get up early, exams, that I’m forced to do subjects I dislike, some people are really mean to others”.

“You go to school for eight hours of torture and then you go home and get possibly three hours worth of homework”

“Even if you don’t get bullied by words you get mean stares and chuckles of laughter when people walk by or what is worse is when you don’t get words . . . . silence is worse”.

“You get in trouble for stupid things. I got a detention for standing up for myself to a teacher…she called me lazy and stupid, and i guess my school just wanted me to sit there and agree? Yeah whatever.  Most of the teachers (mine anyways) suck and are insulting”.

When i read these comments, it is no wonder school ranks up there with some of the biggest problems teens have. So how does having God in your life change any of this, or does it? First of all let’s remember why Jesus saved us. Jesus said I came to bring you abundant life (see John 10:10).  In other words, God came to bring us to a new experience of life that exceeds all expectations. Now that does not mean we can somehow be exempt from school just because we have Jesus. But it does mean that Jesus promises to give us a different outlook and experience of life, in every part of life, and that includes school.

Not everyone hates school. If you ask Jesus to help you with this, He will make a way for you to rise above the issues of nasty kids, dull teachers, bullying etc. Now I am not saying this can never happen. I am however saying that when you pray and submit to God every day, He will bring you into a new experience. God makes a way in difficult times. If you battle with grades, pray to God to help you concentrate in class, and to help you when you study.

God is not a magic pill that helps all problems to go away. But God keeps His promises and if you give Him space to move in your school environment, He will do something you never expected or thought possible. What have you go to lose?

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