God, I don’t like my body

Number 7 on the list of teen problems is negative body image. So many teens just hate the way their bodies look. Of course the standard answer is to blame the media and the relentless pressure we all face from magazines displaying pictures of supermodels. According to statistics, only 1% of women have the genetic possibility of looking vaguely like a supermodel. Then of course of those in the 1%, how many of them will actually manage to look like that.

We all add pressure onto ourselves to look like the person we think everyone would like us to look like.

1e758bd725f97b356fd086913e992febHere are some reasons why we might be unhappy with how we look:

  • pressure from family, peers or media to look like am ideal beauty
  • getting teased by family members or friends
  • becoming more aware of beauty and body image from music videos and magazines 
  • being a perfectionist
  • worrying about how other people see us
  • depression
  • compare themselves with others
  • having a different body shape or weight from out friends
  • being overweight 

Unhealthy body image is directly related to low self-esteem, leading to negative moods and mood swings.

Being conscious of your body and wanting to look great is completely normal. But when children focus too much on their bodies, it can lead to lots of anxiety and stress.

If you think your child is experiencing any of the following signs, start by talking with her about your concerns.  You can help by listening to how your child is feeling about her body and its changes. Build openness and show your child that you’re really taking notice of what she’s saying. It’s important to let everyone in your family know that teasing about appearance is not OK. Teasing or negative comments from family members can have a negative influence on body image. Teasing at home can often lead to children bullying peers at school.

Teasing about weight – including starting rumours, cyberbullying and sharing unflattering photos – has a negative effect on body image too. You could talk to your child’s school to see if they’ve included this kind of teasing in their anti-bullying policies.

God made us all beautiful

Sometimes we just have to be reminded that we are all made in God’s image and we are all beautiful in our own way. God made no mistakes, and if you have a particular shape, it is because God thinks you look amazing that way. People are fickle, but love looks past appearance. God has given us all a great deal of love, that we are supposed to use in relation towards one another. You can make an impact on someone else.

God hates it when we tease one another about the way we look. God says that he looks at the heart and not at the outer man. True love always focuses on the inner being and far less on the outward appearance. We have to trust God and we need to avoid people who will speak badly about us. Remember to declare the Word. God made us in His image and when He had made us, he said it is Good.

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