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Have you every seen a believer totally lose it? I mean really, really lose it – just explode with anger and rage? Have you seen that happen in meetings between Christians? I have! It is not great! Look, we are still dealing with our fleshly nature, which we know is at war with God. God wants us to walk in righteousness but it is just not that easy. We each have issues in different areas, so we cannot point fingers at someone else.



We can be critical of one another. Remember the woman caught in adultery? When she was brought before Jesus, the people were all holding rocks, ready to stone her. Jesus said to them, “he who is without sin, cast the first stone!” We know what happened. They all laid down their rocks and went away, from the oldest to the youngest.

We have to walk carefully before the Lord. Jesus came to give us ABUNDANT life. That means he wants us to live life to the full. Christianity is not about rules and sucking lemons all day. It is about the joy of the Lord! But we do have to change as we walk with the Lord. We are all being changed into his likeness, so we cannot just accept our sinful nature and say “oh well too bad”. ¬†God wants us to be righteous and for us to live righteously.

I am sure you have heard it said “Preach the word at all times, and then when necessary use words”.

The above us true, although it is not a cop-out to not witness. But we must make sure what we do speaks loudly so that people can see our words and our lives are in alignment. This is what brings Glory to His Name!

2 thoughts on “No Christian should act like that

  1. Reply Mark Mar 1,2014 2:21 am

    Thank you for your blog post page 771 . I have lost total control on numerous occasion. I am not proud of that. It has hurt my testimony. I recently saw a brother in Christ loose control in a rage. I thought to myself so that is what I look like . I pray that I will be more like Christ and show humility and speak with soft words and tone.

  2. Reply Ian Apr 21,2014 8:27 pm

    Great post! Thanks for sharing! I see it as encouragement in that we’re all on a journey and if we ever “lose” it then I know that what starts out as a mess He turns it around and it becomes my message! Shows that we’re human but with an answer -:the answer!

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