When you feel contempt for someone

It is really sad to see relationships that were once really strong, deteriorate into contempt.  Contempt is the feeling that a person or a thing is worthless or deserving scorn. God made us to all be worthy. In fact no matter how you feel about someone, Jesus loved them so much He died for them. One of the hardest things to do as a Christian is to follow the teaching of Jesus to love our enemies.


Jesus told us to love one another, but seriously, it is easier – much easier to love those who also love and approve of us. It is not so easy to love those who hate us and treat us badly. One of the tricky things in the Bible is to learn that we have to take the whole Bible as the teaching of God, and not just the parts that make sense to us. when we read passages in the Bible which says God hated Esau, or God commanded a whole city to be killed, including women and children, we have to stop and wonder how this all fits in with a loving God. But it does. God is very patient with us and every day that goes past allows us to come to God. Every day more people are being added to the kingdom.

So how do we get to the point of holding contempt for someone. Usually this happens when we allow things to go undealt with. In other words, we have a problem or an issue with someone and then instead of dealing with it, we let I go unresolved for a long time. The longer it is left unresolved, the worse we feel about the person. Our minds become powerful and we start to go over and over through the details of how they hurt us or how bad a person they are and what they did wrong. Of course we are great. We are never the problem because we almost always live as though we are the centre of the universe. When God does not help us in our situations and do what we think He should do, we start to think he doesn’t love us and He doesn’t care. But nothing is further from the truth. God really loves us, but His plans and priorities are different to ours.

When your feelings for someone have gone so bad that you despise them, and see them as not worthy of anything but scorn, your heart is ripe for Satan. Remember that nothing they did or said to you is worse than what you did to Jesus – your sins cost Jesus His life. We need to come under the authority of God and we need to allow the Spirit to bring healing. No bad relationship brings any glory to God. I pray you will find it in  you to forgive, seventy times seven as Jesus said. We are then to act like we have forgiven them and Satan’s foothold will be broken. It is easier said than done, but with God it can be done. It will be done if you want to do it.

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