I’m a Christian but I have doubts. Is this normal?

Much of the time we have an idea in our heads that every Christian, well the normal ones anyway, is full of faith all the time and never doubts. The truth is nothing like that. I am sure you know the passage in James that says that when we doubt or are double minded, we are like a ship tossed about by the waves on the sea. James goes on to say we are unstable in everything we do!


So doubt is a problem. But it is not uncommon. In fact I would say that more than 50% of Christians have doubts about aspects of their faith from time to time. Remember that the Bible teaches us that we have an enemy – the devil. He goes about trying to destroy us. So the devil is out there trying to get us to doubt whenever he can. But on the other side we have the Holy Spirit in us, who reconfirms that God is real and we should not doubt. Welcome to Christianity! Once again I would say it is not a sin to doubt. Often when David was in distress he would call out and say God where are you, why don’t you just kill me? Job said the same thing. God does not hold it against us when we doubt. Remember one of his disciples, Thomas, doubted that Jesus had risen from the dead, even after the other disciples saw him alive. Jesus had to go to Thomas and show him the nail prints in his hands, before Thomas would believe. Then Jesus said “It is better to have faith and believe without seeing, than only to believe when we see something”. So much of Christianity is built on faith. And faith requires belief. In fact it requires the type of belief that says, because God said it, I not only believe it, but I will act on it.

God wants us to be sure of our faith and of our relationship with God. The starting place is the Bible. We have to believe that the Bible is the Word of God, and that it is 100% true. You cannot believe half the Bible. You cannot believe 75% of the Bible. You cannot believe 99% of the Bible. If any part of the Bible is untrue, the whole Bible is in doubt. So we have to take God at His word, and trust that the Bible is our instruction. Then we have to believe it no matter what! Rather believe God and be thought an idiot, than believe people and be proved to be an idiot.

God does not want you to continue in doubt. Sometimes the best way to deal with doubt is to tell someone else about it. But don’t share it with another doubter. Go to someone who is strong in the faith and they will help you. God bless you.

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