I am embarrassed about my faith, help …

Are you one of those people who can wear a Jesus freak T-shirt and walk into a crowded bar and feel no embarrassment? Or are you one of those Christians who is more the camouflage kind of Christian?

Sadly, there are many people who are embarrassed by their faith. In fact there are two kinds of Christians who are embarrassed about their faith – firstly those who are embarrassed and admit it, and then those who think they are not embarrassed but actually NEVER share their faith in public. You see, going to church is not the way to publicly confess Christ. Baptism may be the first step of a public confession, but baptism alone is not enough.


Remember Jesus said this:

If you confess me before other people, I will confess you before my Father in heaven. But if you deny me before men, then I will deny you before my Father in heaven.

Those are some pretty serious words right there. Perhaps we should pay them some attention!

So why are we so embarrassed? Well firstly I suggest it is the fear of man. That’s what the Bible calls it anyway. In other words we are scared of being out there in public for Christ because we believe that people will laugh at us or ridicule us for being a religious nut. Maybe you think your friends will reject you. Maybe you think your work colleagues will lose respect for you. Maybe you think your family will disown you. All these reasons are serious reasons to not testify to our faith. It is very uncomfortable to be disowned, rejected and laughed at. BUT, here is the truth. Usually the reality is nothing like the fear. In other words, when you finally pluck up the courage to share Jesus with other people, you will find that people don’t laugh at you or think you are crazy.

The second thing is that Jesus said another amazing thing. He said that if you do not hate your father and mother for his sake, you can have no part of him. What does that mean? It means that Jesus requires his disciples to follow him as the first priority above everything else on earth. God does not do second place. God does not tolerate anything less than being loved above all others. So Jesus demands that we love him in that way. Remember the very first commandment God gave Moses? We are to love the Lord our God with ALL our heart and soul and mind. We are to have no other gods but Him.

Jesus also said we need to be a light that is on top of the hill, not covered up under a bush. Our light must shine before men. This is not optional. In fact embarrassment is not optional. If you are embarrassed about loving Jesus, do yourself a favour and speak out one day. One of the best ways to do that is to carry a Bible and put it on your desk for your colleagues to see. Or wear a T-shirt that shows you love God. People will not hate you. If your friends are true friends they will be interested to hear more about your faith, and you will be obedient to Jesus. And that is always good.

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