Witnessing for Jesus

Extract from chapter 11 of my book God always chooses to do His work through people. God is all powerful and if He wants to do something, He can! God chose to honour His word. He cannot lie and He does not go back on His promises. God gave us a free will and so ...

The Trinity

Extract from chapter 10 Understanding the Trinity takes a little concentration, because it is a term that is completely foreign to us. The fact that three individual persons could at the same time be one person is unusual to say the least. But, who said that God was usual? So since this book is about ...

Fasting – Tricky terminology from the Bible

Fasting is tough, and many people wonder whether we are supposed to fast or not as Christians. We see the Muslims fasting over Ramadan, but why should Christians fast? What is the point and how often are we supposed to fast, if at all? Many Christians never fast but that does not make it right. ...

Tricky terminology from the Bible

Justification When you go to church and listen to the preacher, you are likely to hear him or her use terminology that few people really understand. One of those terms is justification. Justification is where God accepts us as sinners and then forgives us and declares us to be “just” (in good standing) with God, ...

God and my money

God and my money
Extract from chapter 8 of my book “Christianity in Simple English” I hope you are finding this useful When I was in my mid-twenties, newly married and in a new church, I saw something that made my blood boil. The church I attended was the largest church in the country and had grown from a few ...

God says “Do not quit” 1

God says
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Do I need to attend church?

Do I need to attend church?
Extract from chapter 7 of my book “Christianity in Simple English” I hear so many people these days who say “I love God, but I hate the church.” Personally I find it ridiculous, but it does happen … a lot! Many Christians I know personally do not even go to church. When I ask them ...

Learning to have a Quiet Time

Learning to have a Quiet Time
Extract from chapter 6 of my book “Christianity in Simple English” If you do not eat, you starve. It is not complicated! I sometimes watch the reality series called “Survivor” and especially in the earlier series, I could see the people literally waste away as they tried to survive on very little food. People in ...

How to pray

How to pray
Extract from chapter 5 of my book “Christianity in Simple English” When we pray we address our prayers to God. Now Jesus taught us to pray to the Father, so most of the time when I pray, I address God the Father. There are times when I also pray to Jesus and there are times when ...

How to read Bible 1

How to read Bible
Extract from chapter 4 “Christianity in Simple English” Do you find the Bible boring? Be honest now. If you do, you are in the vast majority. Most people find that if they cannot sleep at night, the best thing to do is count sheep or to read the Bible. That is of course if they ...

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