This really upset me

This really upset me
Today I witnessed a killing. It all happened so fast I could not stop it. I am still shaken, but it has given me some deep insight into the heart of God. A bird flew into our house, and we have a long legged Jack Russell, whom we love and adore. But she is also ...

How the mighty have fallen 2

How the mighty have fallen
When I read this passage in 2 Samuel chapter 1, I was searching for something the Lord would have me write about today. Unlike many days, nothing really was obvious for a while. But then I read this line which appears a few times in David’s lament: How the mighty have fallen David was in ...

Rest in Peace RIP

Rest in Peace  RIP
Living in South Africa, we have all recently joined with the world in saying farewell to the great Nelson Mandela. Few people have ever impacted the South African nation like he has, and certainly it could be argued, none has made a greater contribution to peace. Every news board, blog and social media blog, post ...

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