God help me, I am so bored

God help me, I am so bored
Have you ever wondered what your life would be if only…? Life and work and school is often very repetitive. The nature of life is seasonal. Every day the sun rises and in the evening the sun sets. Every few months the summer rolls around and all too soon, it is gone and the winter ...

Is your family letting God down?

An apple never falls far from the tree! So does that mean that you can judge my faith by that of my family members? Not really, BUT… there is no doubt that the Bible makes a link between you and the way your family behaves, especially for those people who are considered for leadership in ...

Christians & teen Pregnancy 1

Christians & teen Pregnancy
You don’t get pregnant unless you have sex! Let’s start there. God made sex and he made it to be wonderful. But He also made it to be enjoyed in the sanctity of marriage,  or did He? The topic today is looking at this issue from three perspectives: What does the Bible say about teen ...

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