17 year old Christian & still a virgin? 3

17 year old Christian & still a virgin?
Are you still a virgin? If you are a Christian girl of 17, and the answer to the question is “Yes” then you are probably in the minority. How sad that what God made to be pure and special and to be a gift to your husband, has been given away cheaply, to some guy ...

I’m a Christian teenager & I’m pregnant…Help! 3

I'm a Christian teenager & I'm pregnant...Help!
This is a cry that goes up all too often. Sadly in this day and age we have convenient ways of “dealing with these unforeseen circumstances” by having abortions and terminating a life. But that is not my focus today. My focus is on the girl. I want to look at this issue from two ...

Christians & teen Pregnancy 1

Christians & teen Pregnancy
You don’t get pregnant unless you have sex! Let’s start there. God made sex and he made it to be wonderful. But He also made it to be enjoyed in the sanctity of marriage,  or did He? The topic today is looking at this issue from three perspectives: What does the Bible say about teen ...

Biggest problems Christian teens face today

Biggest problems Christian teens face today
Coming up in the next few days, I will be tackling the following and how teenagers can face these issues from a godly perspective: 1. Pregnancy. 2. Peer Pressure. 3. Drugs. 4. Alcohol. 5. School. 6. Family Problems. 7. Body Image. 8. Virginity. 9. Gossip. 10. Violence Please follow to ensure you don’t miss this ...

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