“My family sucks” ~ Christian Teen

“My parents are so horrible to me. They just don’t understand me, and their rules arr so strict, it makes living at home so terrible. I just want to be with my friends, because they don’t judge me. My parents quote the Bible all the time and it just doesn’t help. I don’t hate them, ...

Can God help me to not hate school?

Can God help me to not hate school?
Ask most teenagers and they will tell you the same thing: “we hate school”. In fact in the list of biggest problems facing teens, school is number 5. It is right up there after pregnancy, drugs and alcohol. When asked to comment on the internet about how they feel about school, a bunch of teenagers ...

Is drinking alcohol sinful? 2

Is drinking alcohol sinful?
One of the most commonly abused substances by Christian teenagers, is alcohol. The reason is that alcohol is so readily available, and after all, most parents use alcohol openly at home and out in public (daily in most cases). So if that is so surely it must be OK? Well let me say firstly that ...

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