The modern church

Jesus is relevant! The church should be relevant too! When church becomes old fashioned we have a problem. We need to be the people who are the hands and feet of Jesus in this world and we need to take the message of the good news to people. Jesus saves. If you had the cure ...

Organ or electric guitars in church?

Organ or electric guitars in church?
If there was ever anything that was cause for very diverse views among church parishioners it is the subject of appropriate music in church. There is no doubt that music plays a huge role in modern day churches. Just how that music must be done is cause for serious debate. Here is the crux of the debate. ...

How to not be consumed by fire 1

How to not be consumed by fire
The Bible contains some amazing stories of tragedy and triumph. God does not play games, and one of the most important lessons that God tried to teach the people of Israel time and time again was: do not have any other gods before me In this account of King Ahaziah and the prophet Elijah, 100 ...

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