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Passion Network's first book

Christianity in Simple English

The message of Jesus is simple, but the church can complicate it through disagreements, differing points of view and a desire to be different. Christianity in Simple English aims to bring understanding of the basic foundations of the Christian faith to everyone from teenagers to mature citizens. This is not an academic exercise; it is a way to bring the Bible to life.

Who should buy this book?

This book is ideal for Christians who are new to the faith or who have never had grounded teaching in foundations of Christianity. The language used steers clear of religious jargon and there is liberal use of personal stories and anecdotes.

Bible Study or Small Groups

This book can be used as a Bible Study guide for small groups or as a gift for youngsters, especially those who have not been taught from a young age. The aim of the book is to make Jesus center, and to shine a light on His beauty and grace.

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